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Get involved


Change lives

GH₵ 1,500.00 helps provide good nutrition, medication and transport for 50 people living with HIV/AIDS at their monthly meetings held in the House.


Become part of a bigger family



Volunteers are the very people who make great impact that cannot be comprehended in the minds of the simple. They also leave an unforgettable legacy in the lives of rural people. Volunteers can go beyond the normally work to them and do great and greater work. Anyone can volunteer at anytime to make a great impact the lives of rural communities in Ghana.


donate to support

Our donors are spectacular. Words cannot describe the amazing impact they have create in providing clean water and an environment that is conducive for everyone. They don’t just donate, but they follow up to see the impact they are making individually and collectively. Any individual or organization can choose to donate to support our course.



Members are yet another set of people CEWADS believes in their work. They are long living people who sacrifice their lives daily not to only help provide clean water, but to help create campaigns on clean, water, sanitation and an environment conducive for everyone to live. It is just as easy as anything for one to be a member of CEWADS.